Smile for the Day

Smile for the Day


Your daily updates are now on a password protected blog, that only clients can view. You can access this blog thru the drop down menu under Blog/Client Only. Thanks again for trusting My Pet's Buddy with your little buddies!

Tuesday, August 9


Merrick Pet Care, Inc. of Amarillo, Texas is recalling a single lot of its Doggie Wishbone pet treat (ITEM # 29050, UPC # 2280829050, Lot 11031 Best By 30 Jan 2013) because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. Merrick Pet Care has made the decision to recall the Doggie Wishbone pet treats in the abundance of caution. 248 cases of this lot were manufactured and shipped to distributors in 10 states. Those distributors have been notified. Only one lot of Doggie Wishbone is affected by this recall. No additional Merrick Pet Care products are involved in this recall. No other Merrick brand products are involved. To read more:

Wednesday, April 6

April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

Pet first aid class When I started this business, I tried to find a local resource to get trained in pet first aid, but was unsuccessful. So off to Texas I went to get my Red Cross certification pet first aid. But I also found an on-line course offered by Petco that was reasonably priced and pretty informative. You can find information about that course here:

Tuesday, April 5

Was Your Pet Affected by the Melamine Scandal?

A supermarket's pet food aisle in Brooklyn, Ne...Image via Wikipedia From the Veterinary Information Network: Four years after pet food contaminated with poisonous melamine killed and sickened tens of thousands of cats and dogs in the US and Canada, a court opinion issued today may open the door at last to payment of claims by owners of affected pets. The opinion by Judge Noel Hillman in US District Court in New Jersey was the last piece of court action required to put to rest appeals of a $24 million pet food settlement approved by Hillman in October 2008. Read the rest of the story here:

Saturday, March 26

The Hair on Kitty's Chinny-chin-chin...well, sort of

Cats WhiskersImage via Wikipedia Kitty whiskers are for more than tickling their human caretaker! Whiskers are a functional and important part of cat anatomy. They are part of a sensory system made up of nerve endings allowing them to feel the lightest touch, including the most gentle of breezes. Whiskers let cats move around in areas where they may not able to see clearly. Cats who are blind or their vision is deteriorating will rely even more on their whiskers--cats born blind will often have longer whiskers to help them move around. At times, you can also tell the mood of your cat from their whiskers. When calm, whiskers will be pushed forward. But if stressed, whiskers will be pulled closer to their cute little kitty face. You should NEVER trim whiskers--there's no need to, and it will bother kitty--they can feel it. Whiskers serve a useful function--but it's perfectly okay to just enjoy the added expression that whiskers lend to Fluffy's face.

Friday, March 25

Recall on Pet Phenobarbitol

Tylenol 3, a compound of Tylenol (300 mg) and ...Image via Wikipedia The FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine has become aware of a voluntary recall of phenobarbitol by the Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, because Hydracodone and Acetominophen were mislabeled as Phenobarbitol. If your pet is prescribed pheno, please visit the link below, and check with your vet. AND REMEMBER--Acetominophen (what we more readiy know as Tylenol) is NEVER safe for your pets.

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